by Stacy Braiuca

(Editor’s Note:  Slight variation on health and #NHBPM tonight, as I reflect on being grateful for the right to vote.) dual citizen Creative Commons License Kevin Dooley via Compfight KANSAS CITY, MO– Election night, 2012.  Participating in #ICTMNVote while watching the returns come in.  It is great to watch Native people discuss and exercise the right they were finally given AFTER women got it (Native’s in 1924, women in 1920). This quote from Wikipedia, tells part of the story:

This “dual citizen” status creates tension within the U.S. colonial context even today, but was far more extreme before Indians were uniformly granted U.S. citizenship in 1924.

As a Native woman, I cherish this right and exercised it this morning.  I would have done it, no matter the line, no matter the weather, and would have walked to the polling place, had I needed to. dual citizenI get just as excited to watch the business of my Nation play out in Shawnee, Oklahoma every June during our annual business meeting, and our voting.  Citizen Potawatomi people are a progressive people, but we are also a proud traditional people.  Balancing those things can often be difficult, but can and is done everyday, by CPN folks, all over the world!  Yes, we live all over the world, and we are likely standing right in front of you, and you may not even know it. Our nation has it’s own Constitution, our government is split into three branches like the US, and we have a representative Legislative body with representatives all over the United States.  Often, however, that is where the similarity ends because we have a cultural and familial bond unlike the United States as a whole.  We refer to each other as relations, we speak of and to each other as relations, and we care about each other and about our Nation one the whole as relations. Today, I am proud to know many of my relations, both CPN members and United States citizens, and I am grateful that I have the right to vote as a Native woman. I pray I still have those rights and relations in the future…. Loading…